29 Jul 2006


this week has been interesting as its a week of Goodbye's. No not for me but my boss returns to england after 9 yrs. tonight was her last night and so that was sad for her.
I asked my Bolivian team what do they expect to do for her last night and they said not much just wait til her farewell party in august. So as an Gringa i told them that it was their responsibilty to organise things. And later on I found out that they ask do they have to plan things for her farewell, yes of course she replied.
For Bolivia its always (manana) tomorrow.

One funny thing that happened this week is that we called for a taxi to take me home after bible study as we always do each thursday night But this one night a taxi arrived with 2 bottles of PEPSI. I said no i didnt call for pepsi but for a taxi so we laughed all the way home as they thought we rang to deliver 2 pepsi and not 2 taxis.

Another unual site this week as that i say a man in a wheel chair at the side of a main road but he appeared to be standing up with the aid of a lady whom I thought was standign too close to him. But as i got closer i discovered that she was holding a bottle for him as he couldnt get to a bathroom. As we say ONLY IN BOLIVIA!

Well next week will be quite strange as i will be the only westerner working a the centre so the only time i will talk english is now on the internet with family and close friends.
Continue to pray the the children and the poverty they face each day


25 Jul 2006


This week is a week of many changes as my boss leaves bolivia after nine years.

also when i took a little boy home the other day i witness that his 3 year old sister was peeling the potatoes for the family dinner. I was very surprised as kids in OZ would be watching TV or playing computer games. how did we end up with two differnet worlds. I dont know.

20 Jul 2006

Well next week my boss leaves Bolivia after being here for 9 years
I will be the only Gringa working in my centre with the children. So I will be speaking all spanish except when chatting on internet.

I hope and prayer that the transition goes well


11 Jul 2006

First shower for 10-year-old boy.

Yesterday I noticed that a young boy was limping. I asked him twice about his foot but he said that it was nothing and that he had no pain. But I could tell that it was very swollen and he had many infected bites.
I went and spoke to his teacher at our centre and when she looked she said no its not just bites its something else.
I washed his feet so we could put some cream on his bites but he ended up going to the doctor for penicillin and came back for a shower. It was his first time to ever have a shower so he was afraid of the water but one of our male teachers helped him and changed his clothes and someone went and spoke to his family.

Many parents in Cochabamba have left to work in Spain. So the children are left with other relatives to care for them, which doesn’t happen.
We have a 4 yr girl with her 2 yr old sister, who is waiting for their parents to return from Spain and have no idea when they will return.


8 Jul 2006

Blog 7th July 06

Well after one month in my new apartment I have had the busiest week so far.

On Tuesday we went to a farewell for the 5 English girls working with Tear Fund UK.
Wednesday night was the farewell for the 2 girls from the U.S.
Thursday was my 18-hour day.
It started at 6 am. I left home after 6.30 am and picked up a friend to go to the airport to say goodbye to the English girls. When we arrived we discovered that they had many problems with their tickets as Tear Fund haded paid for one leg of their trip and it took 2 hours to sort out their tickets and they had to pay again until they get home and then be reimbursed.
Then we went home for breakfast and after 10.30 am we were picked up again to say goodbye to the other 2 girls. Their flight was delayed so I left after 12 noon and went into the crazy markets and our lunch time traffic jam due to road works it took me 35 mins to travel a 10 min journey. I then went to a pharmacy to buy some medicine for a child at our centre. I raced home at 2 pm for lunch etc and then went onto work for 3pm and then we had a team meeting at 4 pm til 6 pm I then raced home again for dinner and went to bible study at 7.30 pm but with every one that had just left we were low in numbers so their was only 3 of us and all were very tired so we just talked and had our hot chocolate.
Then I went home at 10 pm to wait for a friend to chat to me on the Internet until 11.30 pm.

For the last two weeks I have had man men working on the roof. Back home this job would only take 2 days but here it takes 2 weeks so far, and also an electrican on many days and also a carpenter on one day. I will be glad when they are all finished but not until my shower gets fixed.

We are in the middle of the school holidays but unfortunately we are not getting as many kids as we usually do. Our centre is going through a big change this month so we may loose more!