20 Aug 2006

Hi my dear Friends

well tonight we had the farewell for julie.
I coped through most the night until the teenagers gave their speeches and had slow sad music playing and many of the teenagers cried the rest of the night.

YES, its difficult having a Bolivian leader as they think differently.
us westerners would have everything organise well ahead of time but Bolivians arrive a 6pm for 7pm start. So many changes for me to experience.
My class trippled tonight so we sang julie a song.

In my spare time i love helping at an orphange with 37 kids
I feel that i have gone from having 11 neices and nephews and 3 Godchildren to having 37 kids who are all awaiting for adoption.
I took 6 kids down town to get their photos taken for the judge so they can go through the adoption process and receive a new familly awaiting in Europe.
It breaks my heart as they said Peter the man in the orphange "I want to be adopted by her"!
I said sorry I don't have a husband and that I love you all!
how could I every choose between any of you.
So I just keep visiting once or twice a week to help out where ever I can

Thats all for now as its very late


13 Aug 2006


I have just been to a 2 yr old Bolivian Birthday party.
They don;t know how to entertain the children.
I taught them how to play parcel the parcel and then we played musical chairs.

The two year old was happy any way.

I am now busy teaching 4 days a week between english and spanish lession


8 Aug 2006


A week of many changes as the old boss has left and the new one has differnt ideas
I am the only expat so we will see what happens in the coming weeks

our numbers have dropped but we get the regular ones

the littles one still come to hear bible stories and do activities etc

more later