29 Dec 2008

Do you speak my language

Its frustrating shopping and you know that you are saying the correct thing
but they say to you that they don't understand you
they are only used to americans so my aussie accent gets me into touble
all I wanted was normal shampoo but it took a while to get it

Yesterday I was speaking to my spanish friend in oz and she is amazed how back wards bolivia is
it never seems to move forward like the other parts of sth america
she was surprised when I told her that I can't flush my toilet paper as we have to put it in a bin and empty it everyday. That is one of my bet hates here and the other is the terrible smeals around the markets.
OH how i miss the simplicity of Sydney but have to trust that God has me here for a reason


Happy New Year

25 Dec 2008

Christmas day flood

Today was a very humbling experience.
I went to my Bolivian friends house and we had a nice lunch and watch a movie
When I went to use her bathroom it was only a whole in the ground and they kept apologising and I thought well I need to go so have to try and use it.

then I caught a taxi home and realised that my street was flooded in so I had to get out the taxi and take my shoes off and walk thru knee high water and I was hoping to come home to a cuppa of tea and discoverd that my whole apartment had been flooded.

It took us over one hour to mop up so tomorrow I have heaps of cleaning to do.
Will upload photos when its safe to plug in laptop


23 Dec 2008

Begging for Christmas

Well today I went down town to buy some meat to cover me over christmas as I knew I am not going out any where for dinner over christmas so stocked up on food.

I was amazed how many families from the country area's of cochabamba were in town begging on the streets with their children. It just breaks your heart but you can't help them as their are too many.

they have their children sleeping on the street while they are breastfeeding there babies its not a pretty site to see everything hanging out.

I wish I had litte spanish tracks with me to hand out but not I didnt.
I know the lady who helps me with my visa hands out cheap little tracks.

I know that children are begging for christmas in australia also but in a different way. They are begging for it to arrive and while Bolivia is begging for food.

making Cookies

also yesterday we had fun making cookies with 30 girls
there is aproximately 10 girls in each home. so I went to each home on the same block of land and made each batch and put it in the fridge and kept moving from home to home and at the end of the day they finally got to decorate their biscuits and I managed to take photos of most of the girls which I will down load and add soon.

well I am getting used to being caught out in the rain during this rainy season.
sometimes a umbrella doesnt help when its hailing and you are stuck under a tree for a while until you decide to move over the street to a shop until your friend arrives.
which we decided to go home to my place and wait the rain out but after 3 hrs I decided to stay home and my friend went out to find her family.
so yes wet shoes and socks again.

I have plently of invitations for the 24th but not much happening for the 25th so far
I may not know til the last minute if I am going out on the 25th so maybe my 1st time home. but I have been invited to visit the girls at the american home if I wish to and if there is transport for me to get there. so time will tell

Merry Christmas


20 Dec 2008

Driving experience No: 2

Yes I am mad to ever get into that car again but it needed to be done.

After my prayer meeting which only one friend came she said we could take the car and get the air put into the tyres and that would help the balance until we get it to a mechanic.

I 1st dicovered that you don't go to the service station to get air in your tyres and that there are not many places around who put air into tyres and that you also have to pay.

I asked my landlady and she suggested a place nearby so yes we went there and they put the air in put told me that the tyre was damaanged and that it would go flat again. So this tells me that some one has been driving this car without us knowing.
so phoebe can sort that out later on.

We returned the car to Phoebe house and when I went to my friends house both my friend and her mum said that I was very brave as they hate to drive here.

Merry Christmas


19 Dec 2008

Driving in Bolivia

Hi all
Last night I decided to drive my friends car and take 4 ladies home.
Now it was my 1st time ever to drive here. I knew that I would have to learn to drive on the other side of the road but my brain kept telling me that it was wrong.
Now it was dark and raining and I didnt know where the roads went.
I had 4 friends in the back seat telling me to go in all different directions and the car didnt have much air in the tyres and the carewas in desparate need for a wheel alignment. We tried 3 service stations before getting petrol and we drove around for one hour and one lady got out as she said she was near her home.
I couldnt do a hill start as the car was not working right so I asked Rosemary to take over and drive this car home.
she was nice enough to take my car home and the leftover 2 ladies had to walk home and we hope to take it to the mechanics soon.
so at the moment I am happy with transport.

Also we had a christmas party at the bilingual preschool
I was doing fine until Peter moorehouse started handing out christmas presents to the kids
which the kids had to buy each other and it made me think about Mily and that she would be celebrating her 1st christmas in Italy

I should be putting up my tree but its too emotional as it reminds me of mily in 20066