26 Nov 2008

Trusting People

Hi this week has been very frustrating on many levels.

Besides coming back to the country where I lost my daughter to another family (failed adoption) silly lawyers who say trust me and then run away when it doesnt work) While trying to do a visa process where another lawyer has run off with my money last year I was told that the rummur was that I was

What a joke!
why would I come back to a country where I lost daughter if this was true

I have lost all for the Gospel and only God will judge all these people

Thanks to a nice lady name rosemany I have finally started afresh my new visa process


14 Nov 2008

13 Nov 2008

Sorry its still in spanish will work in it
this one should be in english

I have had fun visiting people who didnt know
I was in town so some old friends just stop me in the street and
check to make sure its me

they are all so suprised
I went to my old work today and tomorrow will visit a
american family and their orphanage as I have no work til next year

its harder to get visa's done so am looking for someone to help me

please pray for this and also mum is sad that i am not there for christmas


9 Nov 2008

Dear Friends

I am safely back in Cochabamba

I have a lovely apartment

My work mate is back in OZ til mid jan 09

I have a group of ladies to communicate with so i am not alone

I will be running a Bylingual bible study and maybe a english one also

today I went to the baptist church in english as i got up too late for other churches as I dont know where the anglican one is.
They asked me if I wanted to preach in the future and I said that I dont normally do that and they said it would be fine as its a small congregation
I said I would think about it

I am still searching for the right church

If you want to see a web site go to