29 Mar 2006


On monday i went to the police station in cochabamba to get my report to send to the bank in australia to report my stolen money from last month.
This was a long process, at first they didnt want to do a report as its now march and not feb. and then they wanted to d o an investigation but they would require money, so we said no!
Then they took a report and told my friend and I to come back in the arvo so they could type the report,which we did. I am thankful for now having that report . I suspect the police wanted a bribe but we didnt give it.
Now u an just waiting for mail from my bank in australia but postage is really slow and I just received a christmas card from a friend dated dec 05.

With all the rain we are having which is not normal it affects how many kids come to the centre, but yesterday i painted the litle girls finger nails and they enjoyed that.

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26 Mar 2006

Hi my friends

Yesterday was a very interesting day
we had the heavyest down por for over six years
many off the homes got flooded as well as julies and another missionary here.
i was fine in my home just watching tv on a rainy day

Next week at the centre i hope to paint the little girls nails and make their hair look pretty and i have bought an outfit for a two year old in my class as i feel she needs it.

There are many road blocks out of town and a recent Bombing and they tried to target the Chilean embassy in la paz but got caught just in time.
I hope they dont target the australian embassy as i have to go there next month

love and prayers


25 Mar 2006


Hi my friends

I am new to this technology of Blog

Please feel free to read the happening of my week

Well this week i should have been going to La Paz to get my new passport but the office is closed to next month. So the day i should have been there. there was a terriost attact at a hotel and my spanish teacher told me that this saturday they were due to blow up the chilean consular in la paz.
Many times the Lord has stopped me just in time. I hope to get there safely next month.

This week with the children i have been consentrating on a poor girl. so each day i wash her hands etc and next week i hope to do here hair pretty and paint her nails. Her family run a pub at home so they are always necglected. She fell asleep on me for an hour. I have to becare how much attention i give her so the other kids wont get jealous. I hope to add some pictures soon.