27 Jan 2009

Encouragement note I copied from facebool send from a friend

encouragement for you
Between You and Narelle Gaur
Narelle Gaur

27 January at 19:34
hello Glenda,

some feedback for you...... i sent a email to my friend with your website links and this was her reply.... thought you might appreciate the feedback on the work you are doing.... good work....


I've just looked at the blogs and had a read myself about Glenda - she is an amazing woman! I've read many stories of woman who have gone overseas to help out children and it's just so inspiring and amazing and cormforting to know that there are people out there who are willing to care for others! Thanks for sharing this with me - I really enjoyed reading Glenda's blogs!

This copied and paste note gave me so much encouragement as it confirmed that I am doing the right thing at the momement


16 Jan 2009


Well its nice to have phoebe back
I have just paid a lot of money for a visa but
dont know what I am going to be doing so I
think I am going have to create my own work and
connect it to Acrisbol until things get moving

I am missing the girls home so may visit there as
long as I can as I didnt come to do admin etc

So once again I am waiting for my life to start

Some days I think I am crazy but then a Blessings
comes along.

Have prayer meeting in morning with a few Bolivians
and today picked figs from a tree in a poor families house
and learning to play a bolivian instrument


9 Jan 2009


Humpty Jumpty sat on the wall.. HD had a fall

Dear Friends

Today was a big day in many ways

1st I was invited to go and visit a day care centre for babies with AIDS
on the way home I went to buy my tray of eggs and as I live in a different house to last time I thought well I could either walk home with this tray of eggs or I could catch a bus down to the other end of the street, so I caught the bus and as we went by a medical centre I noticed a young man outside holding a wrapped up baby and crying and I saw many people trying to comfort him.

So I thought maybe the baby had just died as he looked very distraught.

Here I was worried about breaking my eggs on the way home and this man maybe was greiving the loss of his child but when I mentioned it to another friend here she suggested that maybe his wife had just died and that is why he was hanging on tight to the baby but I said that the baby wasnt moving so I can only pray that this man has family and friends around him tonight during his grief no matter what has happened and God comfort him.

Then I went out to the orphange for my last day, it was hard to say good bye to all the girls I have grown to love as Phoebe is due back tomorrow and I don't know what is in store for me with her so I have to trust God and hope to return to these girls in any spare time I have.


7 Jan 2009

Immagration Burecancy

we were that close to getting carnet but they needed my old carnet number
I said I dont know where those docs are as I was back in australia and I would not
know where to find them

then when I went home thanks to God I found my old one year visa so we went back to immagration in the arvo
then they said they needed to find my old card so they had to look in storage

Now what we dont understand is that we have done this one year visa as a new person entering the coutry as they wouldnt allow me to continue with what I had. Then they found it and mad us get photo copies of everything so each thing just kept costing me money.

I finally got my photo taken for carnet but we were told to come back monday as they still dont have materials to make the carnet.

So now we have to go back on monday

I am so far behind finacially as they trippled the price of the 30 visa and put all the other prices. I have paid for each document or photocopy etc too much to explain

Phoebe is due back on sunday
pray that my extra suit case arrives with her as the roads are closed from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba where she was hoping someone was going to collect the cases.
So I pray that she will put the suitcases the whole way thru


3 Jan 2009

Un dia loca

After not sleeping well allnight due to heavy rain and a head cold I accidently slept in til 10.30am I read the clock at 5am and thought I am not getting up til 8am as I knew I had to make pancakes for my weekely prayer meeting even if friends didnt show up.
So when I got up I was shocked that it was 10.30am so maybe I read the clock wrong and it was really 8.30am so after getting up at 10.30 and wandering where my friends where as no one had rung I checked my mobile and discovered that one friend has chancelled due to heavy rain so was glad to me home as it was very wet and cold and just when I was going to enter the shower the door bell rang and was surprised to see a friend here for the prayer meeting late.

So I made her breakfast and we talked and and she checked her emails and and them other friends rang to say that they were running late for music class here and english lession also, so was glad as we had just finished breakfast and then after awhile the other friends arrived for lunch which I could eat much as was too close to breakfast.

So one friend left and the others stayed and started the Bolivian music lession they are teaching me. Then continued on to english lession.
So after waking up so late I have guest here til 5pm so was glad for peace and quiet after they had left. I was supposed to go out for dinner with different friends but mostly likly will stay home where is dry and warm