28 Apr 2006

April / May 2006
Mi nombre is Coco
I am 4 years old and I live with my family who run a local pub.
I often wear the same clothes for 3 days.
I enjoy going to the centre as it keeps out of trouble.

Hi my name is Josie and I live with Coco. I am 3

5 Year

Hi, we are the 3 musketeers
Ours names are,
Dani, Maria and Sheila.
Sheila lives on the premises and Maria lies across the road and Dani further away.

Six of us went on a 5 day holiday to the
Salt Lakes in Uyuni and then onto Potosi.
After this we all split up and I spent
Glenda Hurlstone

4 relaxing days with some other
Missionaries in Oruro.

While doing my passport application
In La Paz, I had a lovely day with
Another missionary

Prayer and Praise Points.

All donations to:

International Teams
PO Box 1123
Baulkham Hills
NSW 1755 My 7th attempt for passport is finally in process!
2. Pray for new leadership in process for when Julie retires in August 06.
3. Postage taking one month due to the problems with our airline.
4. Will move into new apartment early June.

Prayer letter Co-ordinator
Mrs Deirdre Coles
7 Alicante Street
Minchinbury NSW 2770 (02) 9675 2252

sorry photos didnt attach


My week has been pretty normal except for having my first meeting in spanish so that was a challenge.
Then when I sent a fax to Australia I didnt have enough cash on me and the man in the shop wouldnt let me go and get extra money so I had to leave my watch until I returned with some cash. That was strange for me but its normal for bolivia. Then on my way home a Glue sniffer street kids hassled my for money and I kept saying that i didnt have any and their were no people in the street so I thought he was going to harass me more but he just touched my backside while I kept walking and praying hard. These are the nomal challenges in Bolivia.

I will try and post my newsletter her also.

love and prayers


22 Apr 2006


Now i am back from La Paz i can write briefly of my holiday.
First we went to see the salt lakes at Uyuni and this was amazing and then we did 2 days in a 4wd seeing different lakes etc. Then we went off to the historical town called Potisi meaning
I was once Rich! then we 6 of us all split off to various locations so I head on to Oruro and spent 4 lovely days relaxing with various missionaries.

Then i was home for one day to find out that i had to head to la paz for passport issues.
In the past i have not liked this place as you usually just wait in airport but once you get a chance to see this place its amazing.............
A captipal loocked in mountains and snow on them, its quiet unique and only my photos do justice.

So life goes back to normal with all the normal issues. Looking forward to moving into my own place early june. yipee.............

til next time


19 Apr 2006


am back from holidays and had a great time with various people

am off to la pa for passport application so i pray that this will go through smoothly. I am back at the centre and going through many changes in the coming months with julie leaving etc

please continue to pray for this change

til next time


4 Apr 2006


Today we have a transport strike and tomorrow its the whole country.

please pray for this country in crisis

Airlines and buses etc.


3 Apr 2006


Just to let you all know that i have been delays the 5th time to get to la paz as we have a paro here tomorrow (transport strike) so i could get there but not home from airport and its too close to my holidays this friday as i dont want to be trapped in la paz so will go late april God willing

love and prayers


2 Apr 2006

Off to La Paz tomorrow so dont have much to report until back tuesday.
Will be on Vacation on the 7th til the 17th April.

Will write more soon


1 Apr 2006

31st march 06 King for a day!

Well yesterday I wrote a good blog, but I lost it while doing something else, so here it is again.

Yesterday while having lunch with a missionary from Canada we had many beggars asking to shine our shoes or buy lollies etc.
Lorna struck up a conversation with a teenage boy and we found out that he was only 13 and he was responsible for his 8 and 9-year-old brothers as their parents were never home. He goes to school in the morning and try’s to make money in the afternoon.

When we had finished our lunch Lorna decided to bless this boy by buying him lunch. She ordered him a hamburger and fries and he chatted to us while waiting for his meal. He looked like a king for a day. While waiting for his burger the other street kids kept telling him to get out of their territory but he said that he was waiting for him meal.
When his burger arrived he wasn’t sure how to eat it so my friend cut it in half and told him that it was ok to use your hands. When he finished, he told us he was very full and Lorna gave him 5 Bolivians for him to buy something for his brothers to eat. He went off happy and content!

1st April 06 Country with no “Change”

The first day I have missed my car.
Saturday morning I went out to post a parcel for my nephew’s birthday and discovered that it was raining so I thought I would catch transport but discovered that I had no change. Normally back home you would just buy something small and get change but as you ask each shop here they have no change and the taxis and buses don’t carry change either. I walked in the rain with only my umbrella and went to a local gas station and managed to get change, which got me down town to post the parcel.
I normally keep it small but when I went to post it they said that it will be 80 Bolivianos and that is all I had so I paid for the postage and then I was back to square one with no money to get home so once again I walked home in the rain.
So the simple things in life took 2 hours and not 20mins.