18 Mar 2009

Goosebumps no: 3

Dear Friends, no: 3 March 09.
sorry I haven't sent a newsletter in a while as I didn't have much to report on. You all got my email so that is why I didn't do a newsleter but someone enquired when is the next one coming? so I had to think about what to write about.
Since resigning from Acrisbol as they are not really a team but many individuals doing things in their own time. In February I was called upon to mind phoebes house so she could attend other meetings while I chat with her friends until she arrived home. I did a lot of making cups of tea and odd jobs on the computer and just basic run around town. Phoebe is still greiving the loss of her husband and enjoys having many people calling by at all odd times of the day and night and when we hosted the craft group most would come 3 hrs late when I am ready to leave.
In the last few weeks my american friend Kim has asked me to help out at “Ninos con Valor “ til another team member completes her 6 wks of spanish so Kim and I rotate mornings and afternons. We have 3 overnight babies or tots and about 4 daycare kids. These children may have AIDS or are malnurished. They have come out a home where there are 180 children and only have 1 adult to 30 babies so they have a busy time.
We have a team of Bolivian ladies plus a few westerners. Our daily routine is to give breakfast, lunch and dinner and Bath then and play with them and give medications when needed and constantly change nappies, one after the other; Many with nice surprises in their nappies as when they are sick is shows up later on.
G: Is our sick baby. Eventhough he is one year old, he is very small and has been in hospital most of his life. He is our “Blue Baby” He has a whole in his heart and needs an expensive operation and we are not allowed to leave him cry as he goes blue and could be dangerous. In the last couple of weeks with us he has gained weight and is very happy and loves to blow kisses and wave to you.
D” & his sister “L”
These kids come most days but their mum has problems with her Alcoholic husband, so for the safety of her children, she has been leaving the kids with us overnight and visits during the day to see her kids. N.C.V . are currently helping their mother set up home away from the father. Both the children are very sick and are often sad so its a hard job to keep them happy. Just last week I have broken the ice with them, so now I know what makes them happy!
“J ” de Dios.
Is our active 2 year old and a little more healthier! He is still very behind for his age but will catch up soon. He has a bit of a temper and throws his body all over the floor so we have to be ready to catch him when it happens.

“D” is our fat litlte one. “Gordito”
He recently has had a visit from his dad who lives in a home as he is only 18yrs old and the mother has passed away who was 21. He gets a visit once or twice a week from his dad. He loves to blow rasberries while we are trying to feed him which we end up all dirty!

Last week we said goodbye to Gordon and Evelyn.
They come from England every year for 3 mths to work in the American orphange I help at. I have met them many times and I have a beautiful memory of going out with them when I had mily! They had a surprise when I turned up at the airport but they didnt realise that 30 Girls dressed for school came and surprised them and farewelled them. The girls kept asking if was was going back to the USA as they are used to people coming and going but I said I am from OZ and G & E are from England! I made the effort to go to the airport early as I will never see them again!
Prayer Points
Pray for the financial situation around the world that is sending a lot of American missionary home !
Thank God for my By-monthly, Tri-monthly & Six monthly supporters.
Thanks to God that I had a great 4 days away in “Tarija” while carnival was one.
For strength to say good bye and go home Late April? ( All explained in previous email).
For all the little ones I have just grown to love before leaving and the workmates also that they will come to know Jesus soon:

Glenda Hurlstone

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