23 Oct 2010

Bolivia Bella documents

Hola, mi Amigos.
In February to August 2003 I went to Cochabamba (Bolivia) South America, from Australia.
I had only been to Africa for 3 weeks so this was a giant step to make, so after having a 3 year Christian relationship end I decided to get some mission training and go do what I felt God was calling me to do.

I was sent to Cochabamba because there were two Australian families there to support me. They ran a quilt making ministry. Bolivian women would come twice a month and receive a quilt kit to make and they would receive encouragement and fellowship and a small Gospel message. Many sewed with the old Singer foot pedal machine and many didn’t have electricity at home. One lady I heard that she would take her machine out into the street lights to sew late at night.
They normally turned up with a great job done and the products would eventually get sold to foreigners travelling through Cochabamba.

The organises did a great job but it drove me crazy as all I did was sort all the material squares from blue and green etc. So living on my own without a TV or anyone to talk to this was a little frustrating and lonely. During my time there feel in love with a few extra ministries with Children as this was my passion. One in particular was a drop in centre for kids to have a safe place to hang out and play instead of going home to an abusive home.
This brought me great joy and fellowship with other workers as well.

I was due to leave in the September but I received a phone call telling me that my father was close to death with his cancer which had reappeared while I was away. I had a around the world ticket and didn’t want to go straight to Australia as the family said I would be home in time to see my father.
So I headed over to England to see some friends I had made in Bolivia and when I arrived I received another call asking me to come home now! Well, from Bolivia to England then Australia is not just possible as it take a lot out of you so I rested a few days then arranged my ticket to go straight to Australia and not visit my ex flat mate in Japan.

Now, I had no knowledge that he had passed away while I was flying home as with the time difference I couldn’t call family as they may have been asleep? So, when I arrived my mother and my friend collected me and I asked could we go straight to see him and I assumed that if they had red eyes I would know but as they didn’t I thought I was home in time. On the way home they wanted to stop in at McDonalds which I didn’t want to do, so after we had ordered our food, I proceeded to ask how my father was.

I arrived home 8 hours too late...... The hospital was kind enough to keep my father until I arrived at the hospital. The rest is history. I am just glad that my father accepted Jesus and now is with him.

My next letter will be about 2005 -7
It may take a few letters to do this one.


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