27 Jan 2009

Encouragement note I copied from facebool send from a friend

encouragement for you
Between You and Narelle Gaur
Narelle Gaur

27 January at 19:34
hello Glenda,

some feedback for you...... i sent a email to my friend with your website links and this was her reply.... thought you might appreciate the feedback on the work you are doing.... good work....


I've just looked at the blogs and had a read myself about Glenda - she is an amazing woman! I've read many stories of woman who have gone overseas to help out children and it's just so inspiring and amazing and cormforting to know that there are people out there who are willing to care for others! Thanks for sharing this with me - I really enjoyed reading Glenda's blogs!

This copied and paste note gave me so much encouragement as it confirmed that I am doing the right thing at the momement


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